All About Mammy



I'm just a normal mummy based in Shropshire who wants to help other parents (and non-parents) to choose the best venues for food and drink on a precious night out! 


How this all started...

Being parents to 3 little Poppets means that Mr Mammy and I go out less and less these days, preferring to stay in, drink wine and try to sleep more than two hours a night.  When we do get the opportunity to escape for a night and pretend to be the young, vivacious people we were before children we like to go for dinner and a few drinks, but knowing where to go and spend a few blissful child free hours is difficult, and so The Hungry Mammy was born, a parent, reviewing restaurants, to inform other parents!  


The Hungry Mission

I will review all the restaurants, cafes, bars and fast food restaurants that I visit.  My tastes are wide ranging, so expect a bit of everything, but requests of places to review are always very welcome!Expect at least one review per month, more when possible!