Pizza Express - Shrewsbury


Recently Mr Mammy and I took Poppet #1 to Shrewsbury for the afternoon to watch the cycling at the Shrewsbury Grand Prix.  Obviously, after a few hours of watching these elite athletes pushing their bodies to the edge of what is humanly possible, I was FAMISHED!

An adhoc family meeting was held and it was agreed that we would pop to Pizza Express for a quick refuel before the final race of the day.  Walking in we were surprised at how quiet the restaurant was, at 5pm on a relatively busy day in town, I counted two other occupied tables when we arrived, and by the time we left around forty five minutes later no more than six tables had been taken up.  

The waitress who greeted us was very friendly, giving us free reign over where we would like to sit, and providing crayons and activities to keep Poppet #1 busy while we recovered from our afternoon. 


After ordering a bottle of Peroni, a large Pinot Grigio and a carton of summer berry juice we settled down to peruse the vast menu.  

Eventually Mr Mammy and Poppet #1 chose dough balls with garlic butter for their starters, and I plumped for the Calamari served with a tangy caesar dressing.  The food arrived quickly, was piping hot and devoured in mere minutes, in fact, Mr M and Poppet #1 inhaled their dough balls and then started in on my calamari, but I suppose it all helps with my diet!

Poppet #1 chose a pepperoni pizza for her main, which again didn't last long.  She said the pepperoni was slightly spicy, but not too hot, and that the cheese was good and stringy, praise indeed! 


Mr M and I both chose the Pollo ad Astra pizza, described as chicken, sweet Peppadew peppers, red onion, mozzarella, tomato, Cajun spices and garlic oil, his on a gigantic Romana base, and mine in the Leggera form, with the middle of the pizza removed and replaced by a generous mound of green salad and tangy dressing.  The toppings on the pizzas were tasty, the peppers and cajun spices combined to make a pleasant heat, but the toppings were a bit sparse on my pizza, and by the end it felt a little bit like death by tomato sauce.  The salad in the Leggera pizza was a nice idea, providing a bit of light relief from the chilli heat, and it made the pizza feel like a much bigger meal than it was (again, good for the diet!).  

Overall we all enjoyed our food at Pizza Express, but at £55 (inlcuding £7 for the Piccolino kids menu) we did feel it was a touch expensive.  Pizza Express are very good at what they do, I just wish we could afford to partake of it more often, but at that price it will remain an occasional treat...

Food: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Atmosphere: 5/10

Eat here,

Love, Mammy x