The New Inn Newport


Nanny M and I were lucky enough to be taken for Mothers Day lunch at the New Inn in Newport.  For anyone who hasn't been here before, The New Inn is part of the Joules Brewery group, serving real ales and proper good pub grub! There is often live music in the evening, and various ale/gin festival type events throughout the year.  The New Inn is a cosy feeling pub, reminiscent of a good old fashioned boozer, with tiles on the walls, bench seating and cosy wood clad snugs in the bar, all surrounding an open fire in the winter.

And so to lunch, which was obviously amazing as I didn't have to slave away in the kitchen for hours cooking it, but I'm sure you'll be wanting more detail than that! The Mothers Day lunch menu closely resembles the usual Sunday Lunch menu, giving traditional Sunday Roast options, alongside a few choice items from the weekday menu for anyone not in need of roasties and gravy. Our waiter also brought us some childrens menus for the Poppets, as the thought of rare beef just wasn't doing it for them! 


To start Mr Mammy and I both had pan fried scallops with crispy black pudding, pea and mint puree and crisp pancetta, Nanny M tackled the game terrine with beetroot chutney and sundried tomato foccacia, Poppet 1 had tomato and chickpea soup with sundried tomato bread, Poppet 2 plumped for garlic bread and Poppet 3 was happy helping himself to anything he liked from other peoples plates (he's only one year old, so we'll forgive him, just this once).

Our scallops were perfectly cooked, nicely caramelised but barely cooked through to the centre, sweet and tender, and married perfectly with the earthy black pudding and deliciously crisp smokey pancetta. I could have eaten that dish ten times over and been a very happy Mammy! The game terrine was a very generous slab of densely packed, perfectly seasoned meat, teamed with a smoky, incredibly sweet chutney and a good chunk of bread, Nanny M almost didn't need a main course after that, and declared her starter "very nice" (a compliment indeed!)The Poppets were both given massive portions for their starters, neither of which they could finish, but the tomato and chickpea soup was sweet, satisfying, and fun, as you had to dig down to find the chickpea treasure at the bottom of the bowl! Poppets 2 and 3 made a good effort with the cheesy garlic bread, and barely a crumb was left - usually a good sign! 


Mains included medium rare roast beef with roasties, yorkshire puds and veggies (carrots, swede, brocolli, you get the idea), hake wrapped in bacon with sweet potato fondant, sage butter and wilted pak choi, margherita pizza and chips, and fish goujons and chips.

The roast beef arrived as advertised, nicely pink, which is not easy to do when cooking for large numbers, and 3 generous slices piled onto each plate, but dwarfed by the yorkshire puddings teetering on top. Roast potatoes completed the plates, with vegetables served on the side. Poppet 3 was particularly taken with the brocolli and swede, Mr M was happy to "surrender" his vegetables to the youngest (any excuse to not eat his 5 a day!).The hake wrapped in bacon was perfectly cooked, as was the sweet potato fondant, but the sage butter sauce proved slightly disappointing, more sage would have packed a much better punch, but generally a very nice dish.

The Poppets mains all did the job, pizza and fish goujons really have to be cooked badly to disappoint, but The New Inn put as much effort into their kids meals as the do to everything else, and it definitely shows.

By dessert we were starting to flag, but in the interests of research we soldiered on, ordering ice cream for the Poppets, lemon and passion fruit posset with biscotti for Mr M, and rum and raisin sticky toffee pudding with banofee sauce for Nanny M and I (its a tough job but someone has to do it!)Our sticky toffee puddings were exactly as you would imagine, hot, sticky, stodgy and delicious. The rum in the raisins was a nice background note, and the banofee sauce could easily have oversweetened an already diabetes-inducingly sweet dish, but the banana was more of a hint than a slap, perfectly balanced.Mr M's lemon and passion fruit posset lasted all of thirty seconds, he stopped short of licking the bowl to get the dregs, but i suspect that is because he caught me watching him. Once he'd regained his composure he did note that the dessert wasn't as sweet as he'd worried it might possibly be after so much food, but that it was creamy and delicious.

A pint of Blonde Ale, a large glass of Pinot Grigs and a small glass of Sav. Blanc (Nanny M is so well behaved!) and a couple of fruit shoots all partnered the food perfectly and we rolled down the road to the car park a happy little family, clutching our bath bombs and chocolate bars (presents for the mums from the pub, such a nice touch).

Service: 9/10
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10

Save yourself the Sunday hassle and eat here!

Love, Mammy x